Slick Elven Wizard/Rogue from Phi


A pretty attractive (even by elf standards) male elf with a slight build and standing about 6 feet tall. He’s got shoulder length sandy brown hair and a roguish smile. While not very strong he is quite agile and fast. Surprisingly charismatic for an elf, he’s also very clever. Almost freakishly so.



Sagis set out from his hometown on Phi looking for adventure and riches. While on his way to a high stakes card game in Lopan he became embroiled in an adventure involving the church of Light and Dark and his older brother (Da-viel, priest of Horus, high priest of Montros). It originally began in the port town of Brena, just outside the city of Milendria (on the island of Phi) but took him to the Monastery of Winter outside the town of Lardias. There, along with his traveling companions: Viensa; an elven Palladin of Isis, Dayler; an elven Warder, Lyric; an elven Mindmage and Briyus; an elven Monk of Anubis he had a run in with a group seeking the Ral Maleon.

Sometime later he found his way to the Old Kingdom Mountains (alone). There he met Gordon, Goldshlager, Sam and Aziel. That same night he became cursed and thought it best if his new acquaintance’s became his traveling companions. They did some traveling togeather and eventually were able to get the curse lifted. By that time Aziel had seperated from them. They now found themselves in Red Tower where Sagis sensed a great potential for power and wealth. He has since set out to build himself a reputation and network of alliances.
Sagis has just come through a traumatic experience and his near death experience has awakened a fire in his heart.

Alliances and People of Interest:

  • He and Goldshlager frequently work in a stage show that he wrote. He paid 40gc for the entertainers permit (which is good for three months).
  • He refers to Goldshlager as “Little man”.
  • He has arranged a deal with The Goblin Lord to hire them (the goblins) as spy’s and informants. Messages are relayed though the goblin beggers near the main gate. They are presently looking into finding Baandgar for him.


Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains Forsaken