Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

A wretched hive of scum and villiany

Sagis' Journal

We set out for Rockridge Pass today. Hopefully all of the artifacts are still here but I doubt it. Despite Gordan’s claims the gods don’t smile that kindly on us. The trip didn’t take us long and we arrived outside town mid-afternoon. We were greeted at the entrance by the usual riff-raff and I made some inquiries regarding the Martin and lodging. Once we got inside the settlement Gordan almost immediatly tried starting a fight. I managed to calm him down and defuse the situation. Rigg seems to have run off somewhere, I expect we’ll find him in some tarvern. In the meantime we’ve procurred a couple of new employee’s. An orcish hunter (by the looks of him) with a massive beast of a hound, and a disagreeable little goblin who claims to know something about the local haunts. Gordan and Sam went to check with the local authorities while I set up rooms and waited to see if the Martin would make an effor to contact us. I figure it’s only a matter of time before he gets word we’ve inquired about him and comes to speak with us. Snitt (the goblin who’s entered our employ) told us we can find Jaspin and his Silver Serpents on Silver street. We went to have a word with him. After racking up some expenses in the form of bribe money Jaspin told us he’d sold all of the artifacts. The buyers, a pair named Sid and Siede, are well known procurers of magical items. Before we had fully worked out a plan how to confront them Gordan recieved “an invitation” from the Tarnow Brotherhood (the local authorities) and was inclined to go with them to the estates they operate out of.



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