Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

Bye-bye Littleman

Sagis' Journal

Goldshlager went out to sell some weapons at the local market. He never came back. The party went looking for him and after talking to a merchant that Goldshlager had sold some stuff to they found a secret underground tunnel. They entered (Sam acquired a crossbow that was rigged as a trap) and made their way through the subterrainean tunnels. They determined the tunnels were likely used by criminals, maybe for smuggling, maybe just to get in and out of the city on the downlow. They came across a group of these criminals that turned out to be members of The Aces. There was a fight and while some of the Aces escaped the party also captured a couple. They sent one back with a message to send back someone with authority and held the other hostage. Sagis needed to return to The Frying Cod inn so he left Sam and Gordan to wait for the Aces to return. Sagis put on a cut down version of the show that he and Goldshlager were supposed to do that night (along with Felix’s help).
When the Aces superior returned Gordon and Sam “negotiated” with him and in the end paid him 200 gold in return for the promise that they would receive information on where Goldshlager was. By the time that Sagis and Felix rejoined the others they had been led to investigate the merchant that Goldshlager had dealings with earlier. They entered his place and went to speak with him in his bedchambers. After some convincing he “agreed” to lead them to where he had left a message for someone regarding Goldshlager. In the confusion Felix inadvertantly melted his face off. Felix also helped locate and open a passage into an underground tunnel.
The party left Felix to guard the entrance and went in. The were quickly met by a dwarf guard and led down to a sort of briefing room for the dwarves. Goldshlager was there recovering from being tortured at the hands of a group of kobolds. He had been rescued by a mysterious robed figure.
There was some discussion between the party and the dwarves about some damage to the entrance but with Felix’s help and some gold from Sagis it was resolved. Meanwhile, Sagis made a wager with a dwarf, his ears against a butt-load of gold. He won, and they all went on their merry way. On the way back to the Frying Cod they left the body of the merchant at his place, as a warning to others that might cross them.

And the dice continue to roll….



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