Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

And they call it a miiinne.

Sagis' Journal

The next day we finish preperation for the journey and are joined by four more dwarves. Does the Regent not trust us to do this job on our own? These dwarves and I don’t really hit it off, that’s fine, I can have the Littleman or this other dwarf Rigg act as a go between. We’ve decided to do the silver mine mission first, it’s part way between Red Tower and a town called Rockridge I think. During our first day’s travel I have Sam aquire me several owl’s feathers and as the dwarves set up camp for the night I get the rest of the blood I need for the enchanted cauldron ritual by using my own blood. Father Gordon is kind enough to heal my wounds, but his preaching is getting a little stale. I’m convinced that it was the use of my own blood that made the ritual successful that night. I’ve gained some very useful knowledge, I’ve documented it in my spellbook and notes.
We found a merchant caravan that was apparantly attacked by a mage. Everyone one was dead and if they had anything of value it was taken. We made a pyre for the bodies and continued on.
We have been attacked by a group of bandits that call themselves Taziel’s Terrors. Actually, Taziel himself was trying to rob us while invisible but the Littleman’s wards disrupted his spells. Rigg killed him, despite the fact I wanted to keep him alive for questions. We captured a number of his henchmen and killed the rest in combat. When questioned, one of them revealed that Taziel had a hidden treasure trove, including his spellbooks. This bandit claims that only he knows where to find it, but we have to let them all go. I think we should go for the treasure. We are debating if that’s the best course of action or if we should take them to the dwarf camp to see justice. There are supposed to be another six or so bandits back at their camp.



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