Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

And they call it a miiinne.

Sagis' Journal

Recent events have mostly wrapped themselves up for the party members and many of us are starting to feel the money crunch again. With my recent resurrection and subsequent payment to the Church of Light (as well as my entry fee to the guild) the bulk of my funds have dried up. It’s time to find work. I felt it was a good time to meet with the Undersiders so we go to see Gunnar-Trah Goldirsen so he can make those arrangements. He does so but he also has some potential work for us, as well as an interesting new partner. He introduces us to a dwarven mercenary named Rigg from somewhere out east. He also offers us two jobs. Both involving dwarven mining interests. He offers us a substantial amount of money and resources to get involved and, not surprisly, we take him up on the offer. We make plans to head out in the next day or two and go to our meeting with the representatives of the Undersiders. I recieve information from my sources in the Goblin Quarter, in the form of two unusual goblins named Loach and Molbock. They tell me that the man we are hunting for, Baandgar has been hiding inside the cities prison. It’s going to be difficult to get to him. When we speak with the Undersiders we discuss hiring them to get us in and Baandagar out but the risk (and cost) is too high. I decide to inform the Silver Slavers that the task is worth more then the payment and they begrudgingly let us out of our contract. In the process I’m forced to pay for Felix’s freedom. 450gold, a substantial portion of my remaining funds. Those mine jobs came not a moment too soon. I have Felix destroy his slave documents although I suspect the signifigance is probably lost on him. That night I make my first attempt at the enchanted cauldron. No success, perhaps I missed something? Maybe the human priests blood was the problem, he was a caster but not a true mage. That might be the issue. I dispose of the useless brew, I’m down to only about 2 pints of blood and I’ll need to pick up another owl feather, easy enough to do.



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