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  • Goldshlager

    After completing a job at Red Tower, Manannan was to buy himself a new slave girl to keep him company. He was looking for a new slave to help him with his research. One that was not too smart to learn his trade but not too stupid that it would fail at …

  • Gordon

    Gordon was born as a peasant in a village in the Old Kingdom mountains. Life was hard there with bandit raids and wild creatures eventually killing most of his family.Faith in the Dragonwright was common the village as there was a temple nearby, Gordon …

  • Sagis

    History: Sagis set out from his hometown on Phi looking for adventure and riches. While on his way to a high stakes card game in Lopan he became embroiled in an adventure involving the church of Light and Dark and his older brother (Da-viel, priest of …

  • Rigg

    * A member of the "Wulfshammer mercenary company in Llorn*

  • Sir Tander

    Originally a dwarven mercenary, he has gone through some changes. He now has his soul bound in an ancient elven suit of armor and has been knighted as a Palladin.