The Goblin Lord

A mysterious, heavily armoured Goblin


A heavily armoured creature wearing unusual, black baroque plate armour that shows signs of many poor repair jobs, and has been cobbled together from a wide variety of different suits and styles. The armour itself is encrusted with years of grime, dirt, blood and is heavily pitted with rust owing to severe neglect. Besides the poor upkeep the battered armour shows the scars of many battles yet somehow it manages to not completely disintegrate into a pile of useless metal chunks. Oddly, in spite of the incredibly poor shape of the suit it is impossible to see any part of the Goblin lord inside the armour.

This enigmatic figure is surprisingly charismatic, at least as far as goblins go, and he always talks in a laboured, almost painful manner. His unusual speech patterns are exceptionally articulate and eloquent which only adds to the mystery of this unusual creature.

  • Has recently come to rule the Goblin quarter of the city.
  • Seems smarter than most others of his kind

The Goblin Lord

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