Gunnar-Trah Goldirsen

Dwarven Noble, Head of the Goldir trading house, Regent of the Dwarven quarter in Red Tower


A typical short, stocky dwarf, Gunnar-Trah appears realitively young (less then fifty) by the thick, well-kept, golden beard and hair he sports.


Unusual for a Dwarf, Gunnar-Trah displays none of the dour gruffness typical for his people. Instead this young “colour-beard” is genial, respectful, and diplomatic. With a keen intellect and a natural talent for a position of leadership, Gunnar-Trah rapidly gained control of his house and trading clan and has spent the better part of the last fifteen years increasing their economic and political power in the areas in and around Red Tower. It was inevitable that he would also rise to the position of Regent for the Dwarves in the city. Something that doesn’t sit too well with some of the older, more traditional Dwarven masters in the city.

Gunnar-Trah is keen on forging aliances with any skilled, trust worthy adventurers for jobs that are too dangerous to expend his people on and as such is eager to offer assistance in what ways he can and tends to offer sizable monitary incentives to ensure that any work he offers is completed quickly, and skillfully. For the party he is a worthy ally to have.

Gunnar-Trah Goldirsen

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