Gnome Diabolist


After completing a job at Red Tower, Manannan was to buy himself a new slave girl to keep him company. He was looking for a new slave to help him with his research. One that was not too smart to learn his trade but not too stupid that it would fail at given tasks. After going through the numerous slaves he was about to buy a young woman with all her teeth. But something caught his eye.

In the corner of the slavers shop was a cage. Inside the cage was a six inch tall gnome child. The child was speaking bits of Dwarven and Elven. The sentences were mismatched between the two languages but the gnome baby was speaking both.

Manannan, had lost his actual child years before saw the potential of the gnome child and wished to pass his skills to another generation. He purchased the gnome and named him Kendric. He found out that the the slavers had mentioned something about the Goldshlager gnomes and though it would be a fitting last name for the child.

Goldshlager had grown skilled apprentice to Manannan. But Goldshlager was restless. He knew had a feeling that Manannan had nothing left to teach him but knew that he would not want him to adventure out into the world. He was too small to survive in the mountains. After a long argument, Goldshlager ran away from home.


After may weeks of adventuring with his new found friends, Goldshlager learned one important thing. Caves are scary! No wonder there were so few gnomes inside of caves. Every time Goldshlager was in a cave bad things happened. Kobalds lurking the darkness waiting for gnomes to stray from the group. Giant warriors that can but a dwarf in twine. Water that turns into giant scary gnome eating beetles.

Goldshlager had enough. He needs to seek a place of quiet contemplation, like his new home at the The Celantine Order.


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