Human Thief, rapist, muderer.


Looking to be about 40 years old, approx, he is a lanky Human with dark tanned skin, heavily weathered features with dark brown, almost black hair cut to the collar and deep brown eyes set under a large brow. His slightly skewed smile reveals several missing teeth and sits under a mantle of stubble or sometimes a short, scraggly beard.

He makes no effort to hide his scars which cover his arms, legs, neck, and back. Most come from years of wearing prison manacles, an iron collar, or the lash and whip.

Prominently displayed on his face and hands are several brands and prison tattoos marking a very long career as a criminal.

Has a strange, possibly magical tattoo on his back.


Member of the Aces gang but currently on the outs with the higher ranking guild members. Was sold to the Silver Slavers for debts owing but escaped back into the city several days later.

Was thought to have been caught by the Iron Guard and hung but it seems the body was misidentified. Turns out he snuck into the cistern prison and switched identities with another prisoner. Currently believed to be hiding there.

The group has decided to sever ties with the Silver Slavers camp and is no longer looking for him.


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