Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

They wouldnt shut up!

Dammit they would not shut up! Those drunks last night kept me up. They kept cheering and shouting. If it wasn’t for my bad back I would have given them a piece of my mind! There were four of them, the orc in particular the loudest. He kept going on and on about how he wished to see all the places that damn orc Gahz had been or how he wished to have an epic tale written about his journeys. If the fool had bought a map from the musclebound barkeep then chances are they will die. A nice thought…

Anyways, i ought to see how my apprentice is doing. I feel that he is getting too big for his bridges. Kind of funny since he is only 2 feet tall. He kept saying I was wrong! Me! WRONG! I should rub it into Goldshlager’s face of how right I am. He is after all my student. Best he remembers that.

- “Dear Diary” by Grand Scribe Mage Manannan of Kaleb Crossing



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