Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

Have you seen these women?

Sagis' Journal

Aziel chose to turn back and the rest of the party set out to look for the women in white. Soon the party came upon a strange place named the Everspring Valley where they met a frogman calling himself Knot. He had seen the woman but she had moved on already. The party continued on and soon came under attack by a mob of orcs lead by an ogre. Some clever thinking and artful bluffing and our heroes came out on the winning side with the ogre running away. Not long after that they came upon the rest of the orc tribe. However, these orcs and the priestess leading them were impressed by the party and agree to help them. The orcs provide a guide to the dragon cave and once again the adventure party sets out.
With their orc guide the party came upon a passage through the mountains which acted as the back way into High Peak and the cave of the Dragon.



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