Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

And they call it a miiinne.

Sagis' Journal

Well, we’ve arrived at the Goldir mining camp. I was unable to convince the others to go for Taziel’s hidden trove. It was also decided that we should take the captured Terrors, and only those already captured, to the camp for justice. We have subsequently collected the bounty for these scoundrels, a tidy sum of six thousand gold. Most of that was for the bounty on Taziel’s lieutenant, Kashim, the man who offered to lead us to the trove if we freed them all. We would have received a much larger sum if we had shown proof of Taziel’s death. I may have to do something about the rightous attitude some of the party have been exibiting before it becomes a problem. We’ll see. In the midst of the confusion I also wasn’t able to get Taziel’s tongue. When I think of the power I may have been able to derive from it…but no mind, at least I was able to get a portion of his blood. I think it is going to produce far better results than the last donor.

As I noted, we’ve arrived at the camp with prisoners in tow. We quickly met with the local dwarves in charge. I use the term loosely. The head of the camp is an elderly dwarf (presumedly, who can tell for sure with their race) named Hagarath. He may be bordering on senility, or just has minimal control over the camp. His aid, who seems to be slightly more capable, is named Umdim. Both Hagarath and Umdim have an air of magic about them, I suspect in the form of magic gear. Umdim also seems to have some level of psychic ability. He may not even be aware of it. Both are likely headstrong and obstinant, as dwarves tend to be, however I think their situation should make them fairly manageable. We are also introduced to the lead foreman (head of first shift?), named Damig, and the foreman of the third shift, named Kagis.

The situation at the camp is this: Over the last few weeks (couple months?) a total of eight dwarves have gone missing from the mine. The first two as individuals then a pair and finally an entire group of four dwarves. They’ve all vanished with little or no apparant struggle, supposedly from fairly heavily trafficed tunnels. There have been no witnesses, nor even sign of intruders. We were quickly able to assertain that all the missing dwarves came from third shift. None of the authoriites here have much further to add.

However, when we spoke to Kagis, foreman of the third shift it was quite telling. By all accounts, even his own, Kagis is a harsh taskmaster of his men. Despite the fact that third shift is paid more then any other shift Kagis keeps a substantial portion of that money for himself. He’s verbally and possibly physically abusive. I also suspect he has a drinking and or gambling addiction. I also discovered during his interview that he and severl, if not all, of his men have a strange abberation in their aura’s. At first I thought this might be because they have come from the White mountains but I’ve since determined that it’s most likely an affliction picked up from somewhere in the lowest levels of the mine.



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