Further adventures in the Old Kingdom mountains

A travelling we will go

Scrolls of Remembrance II

While Gordon went back to his temple the rest set out on the three-day journey to the next closest settlement, Dwarfven Tower. With the exception of Hawks wheeling in the sky and a couple of travellers headed to Kaleb Crossing little occured. By evening Gordon had caught up.

Morning brought with it a sense of forboding as now both Goldshlager and Sagis were completely covered by the curse of white ash. Little more of their original form existed save for their outlines and no details were visible upon them.
To Goldshlager‘s horror he couldn’t determine his components and was unable to create wards.
The remainder of their trip went uneventfully with a patrol from Dwarfven Tower to break the tedium.

Without stopping the group took the pass headed for Fallstaff where they planned to resupply and get news before continuing on to Ving Cross.

The five day trip through the pass to Fallstaff went quickly and with the exception of two more Dwarfven Tower patrols, fellow travellers, and Rangers from Fallstaff nothing in the way of danger took place. Yet the growing unease persisted among the two cursed party members and culminated in the two experiencing an identical dream wherein they were stalked by the white maiden they were warned about.

Armed with new information from the Rangers the party decided to head to an abandoned village called Briscoil. Arriving late they made camp beside the remnants of the shattered bridge across from the village with plans to cross once it was light.

In the morning, while preparing to cross the canyon, they were attacked by a multitude of malformed Goblins that had taken over the village but the party was able to scatter them with ease and made their way into Briscoil. Besides the Goblin creatures it was clear someone else had been looting the place and using it as a base of operations and in an abandoned building they found a diary belonging to a local resident, and survivor of the community named Jina of Briscoil.
It detailed her return to the village only to find it destroyed and abandoned, her search for survivors, and her quest for revenge on those responsible. It also explained her cursed weapon, and her failed search for missing allies as well as plans to seek out a source for answers in a dragon’s cave at place called high peak.

From the piles of ash bodies and a captured creature, that called itself a Gobling they learned that Jina of Briscoil had been using the village as a base of operations while she conducted her search but had been gone several days.

And so the party set off for mountain of the dragon’s cave in search of Jina and an end to the curse…



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